About the Owner

Hi everyone! I’m Anna Chui, the owner/blogger of Small Happy Things.

I’m an INFJ and a highly sensitive person. I have lots of emotions going on in my mind and I find writing a really good way to express my feelings and thoughts. I created Small Happy Things in 2019, with the purpose to spread joy and happiness.

In 2018, I experienced my first anxiety attack. I was panic, and didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure what exactly happened. Since after a few hours, that panic feeling was gone, I paid no mind to it. Then every month or so, I experienced a few minutes of anxiety attack. These feelings came and left quickly, and didn’t affect my life much, so I just ignored it.

However, in June 2019, I went through a prolonged period of sadness because of some family issues and what happened in Hong Kong (where I live). My emotion was very unstable, and I had anxiety attack almost every other day. I would feel really upset and insecure suddenly as I was simply taking the train. And there was a time when I felt so unbearable that I felt like I understood why some people would kill themselves; it was as if that was the only way to end the pain inside of them. That was when I realized I had to face my emotional issue.

At the moment, I’m doing my best to fight my anxiety and depression. I’m lucky that before I let my emotions take control of my life, I already sought for professional help. I’ve been reading, seeing the therapist, and applying all the techniques I’ve learned to deal with my negative emotions in a positive way.

I’m learning to appreciate small things in everyday life — everything including those that trigger negative emotions in me (not only the positive things). And I’m sharing my experience and lessons learned throughout this time on this blog.

I’m not perfect (just like everybody else), and I’m embracing my flaws because my imperfection is what makes me human.

Side Note:

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I’m also the editor of Lifehack, striving to help people live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.